The Greek Island of Corfu in the Ionian Sea ranked 19th in the UK’s 18th annual Holiday Money Report for 2024, which measures the best-value-for-money destinations for British holidaymakers.

The report’s Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer, published in the report, found prices for meals, drinks and other tourist items have fallen in 2024 compared to last year in 25 of the 40 resorts and cities surveyed.

The 40 destinations surveyed for the Post Office Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer, were compiled with the help of national and local tourist boards. Eight items – a three-course meal for two with wine, a cup of coffee, a bottle of local beer, a can of cola, a glass of wine, a bottle of still water, suncream, and insect repellent – were selected as representative of the purchases UK tourists are likely to make and prices were cross-checked by Post Office researchers.

Corfu ranks 19th with a cost of 92.05 pounds for 8 basic products (81.35 in 2023, when Corfu ranked 13th most attractive).

Local prices are up year-on-year in four out of five destinations. But, once these prices are converted to the UK’s currency pound-sterling, it is estimated Brits will pay less than a year ago in 19 long-haul destinations and six European ones. The price falls apply to seven of the 10 destinations offering British tourists the lowest prices.