The Swiss news publication Blick has revealed a lineup of Greek islands flaunting top-notch beaches, perfectly attuned to Swiss travelers’ preferences. Leading the charge is Crete with its famed Elafonissi, closely trailed by Naxos and then Ios, all garnering high acclaim among Swiss tourists.

Highlighting Greece as a cherished spot for the Swiss, especially during the summer, the article emphasizes the numerous island paradises available for their choosing.

Crete, the biggest Greek island in the Aegean, with Elafonissi beach, and the Cycladic Naxos, with Plaka, emerge as the Greek islands making the biggest splash with their idyllic beaches, diverse activities, and charming villages nestled along sandy shores.

Ios, also in the Cyclades, with its Mylopotas beach, also earns significant favor among Swiss relaxation and sun-worshiping enthusiasts. The Blick list further includes Paros, Milos, Mykonos, and Corfu.

“In recent years, we’ve observed a significant uptick in interest from both European and international markets, including the US and Australia, attracted by the quality experiences offered in the Cyclades. Austria, Switzerland, and Germany stand out as particularly noteworthy markets, given Naxos’ broad appeal to families, couples, and adventure seekers,” remarked Vangelis Katsaras, Deputy Mayor of Tourism for the Municipality of Naxos and Small Cyclades.