Gig-tripping is the latest trend taking the tourism business by storm. This catchy term is travel fueled by a music event with people willing to plan their next vacation around the tour stops of their favorite artist, even if it means travelling abroad. Gig-tripping is set to influence the tourism industry in 2024.

The term was born on social media and went viral influenced Taylor Swift’s staggering popularity, with her fans excepted to flock from the U.S. to Europe this coming summer, as many found better ticket prices and availability in cities like Lyon, France, and Gelsenkirchen, Germany, than they did back in the U.S.

Gig tripping started in 2023 and is peaking this year as one of the top trends at the Skyscanner Travel Trends 2024 expo. Nearly half (44%) of travelers in the US stated they would fly short distances to see their favorite artists live, and 18% are even considering flying long distances for the same reason.

A staggering 60% expressed they would consider traveling to a concert or festival in a different country if the trip didn’t exceed their budget.

Gig tripping is gaining momentum especially among young adults as it offers both the opportunity to see a favorite artist while enjoying a vacation.

“Gig-tripping has many advantages,” said Madison Pietrowski, US Brand Director at GetYourGuide. “Not only will you see your favorite artist live, but you’ll also get to explore a new city, likely a significant tourist destination, and you’ll be able to visit an iconic venue, such as the local sports stadium hosting the concert.”

Furthermore, this new form of travel is having a positive impact on the hospitality industry of these destinations. Fans spend their money on accommodation, food and entertainment helping to boost local economic growth.