Greece ranked among the top 10 countries in the world (7th) for pensioners to retire, according to International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index for 2024.

Combining rich history, great cuisine, and a perfect Mediterranean climate, Greece is considered an ideal destination for all tourists, including pensioners looking to find a retirement place for their golden years.

As the report notes, the Mediterranean country is particularly appealing to retirees from the U.S. considering its more affordable cost of living, between 30-50% below that in America.

Another incentive for pensioners from America is the fact that property costs in Greece are nearly 75% cheaper than in the U.S., thus keeping everyday expenses relatively low.

The “Golden Visa” scheme, offered by the Greek state to those who can spend 250,000 euros on a property in most regions in Greece, is one more financial motive making the country a sound option.

In addition, while healthcare requires thorough research, highly professional doctors and quality hospital facilities, mainly in larger urban areas, can offer some peace of mind to the pensioners.

Equally important, as the site notes, are the extensive affordable options available compared to US health coverage costs. For example, a visit to a general practitioner costs approximately $35, specialists $50, a dental cleaning $40, and an eye exam $60. Many people come from abroad for dental work and other procedures that would be prohibitively expensive in their home countries.

For over three decades “International Living” has been dispatching its scouts to explore every corner of the globe to determine the best choices for people considering moving abroad.

The best country for retirees is Costa Rica, followed by Portugal in second place, Mexico in third, with Panama and Spain rounding out the top five.