A ministerial decision defines the criteria for “Accessible Cheese Dairies” (SETY), certified by the Regional Tourism Service. These types of cheese-making facilities adhere to specific standards for services like tours, dining, and technical operations.

The SETY emblem ensures access to superior dairy and cheese products. For eligibility, dairy units producing PDO/PGI (Protected Designation of Origin/Protected Geographical Indication) products must provide certifications to the Regional Tourism Service. The emphasis lies on encouraging activities such as informative events, multilingual promotional materials, and demonstrations promoting Greek dairy to fortify the nation’s gastronomic identity.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Rural Development and Food’s Directorate-General requires prior approval for informational materials within a 20-day window; otherwise, consent is presumed. This aims to facilitate the promotion of Greek dairy products.

The SETY certification expands accessibility to cheese-making establishments meeting specific quality and service benchmarks. Through this certification, consumers gain assurance of experiencing high-grade dairy offerings and educational tours at these dairies. Encouraging the promotion of PDO/PGI products and enforcing informational material scrutiny ensures an elevated standard for representing Greek dairy products domestically and internationally.

For the issuance of the “Accessible Cheese Dairy” (SETY), the following documents are submitted:

a) Declaration that includes a sworn statement listing:

b) Copy of the operating license of the establishment or start-up of the business.

c) Copy of the Approval Decision or Registration Document from the competent authority, as appropriate.

d) Certification of approval code from the competent ELGO DIMITRA authority.

e) Printed plan of the layout of the space, indicating visitor reception and waiting areas, tasting rooms for cheeses and possibly other dairy products (tasting), product display and sales areas, and sanitary facilities.

f) Copy of the operation notice for businesses of public health interest, based on the provisions of Decision 16228/2017 (B’ 1723) on the “Simplification and standardization of administrative procedures for the operation notification of Stores of Public Health Interest, Theaters, and Cinemas.”

g) Accessibility study.

h) Receipt of a fee deposit amounting to €300 for cheese dairies and €150 for small cheese-making businesses and self-produced cheese dairies.