Summer vacation planning is igniting a surge in short-term rental bookings across Greece, with destinations like Soufli, Lamia, and the municipality of Pavlos Melas in Thessaloniki emerging as the country’s most affordable spots for accommodations on platforms like Airbnb, according to data from AirDNA.

Despite Greece often being seen as pricey for short-term rentals in Europe, a significant 119 out of 277 Greek destinations offer lodging options for 100 euros or less per night.

AirDNA’s analysis reveals that Soufli, located in the north-eastern regional unit of Evros, with an average nightly rate of 36.74 euros, Lamia in central Greece at 44.46 euros, and the municipality of Pavlos Melas in Thessaloniki with 49.16 euros per night are the top three most affordable places, each boasting ten or more properties in the short-term rental market.

In Athens, suburbs such as Marousi, Agia Paraskevi, and Aigaleo are highlighted as Airbnb hotspots where nightly rates remain below 100 euros. However, the contrast is stark with 16 destinations in Greece where average daily prices soar to 250 euros or more.

Topping the list of Greece’s priciest short-term rental locales is Mykonos in the Aegean, where the average nightly rate exceeds a staggering 754.39 euros. According to AirDNA, Mykonos is among the destinations propelling Greece into the upper echelons of Europe’s most expensive countries for Airbnb stays.

Alongside Greece, other costly European destinations for short-term rentals include Iceland leading at 264 euros per night, Monaco at 261 euros, the United Kingdom at 260 euros, and Spain at 236 euros. Greece ranks fourth on this list with an average nightly rate of 253 euros, underscoring its position among Europe’s more expensive rental markets.