A summer survey by the Italian travel site Greenme.it, a favorite among millions of nature and sustainability enthusiasts, has crowned Ios, in the Aegean, as the top Greek island for its best beach, standing out among hundreds of contenders.

“Greece is the only place in the world where, alongside its exceptional historical and cultural heritage, you can find stunning beaches and a blue sea, framed by Greek architecture with white houses and blue windows,” notes Greenme.it in its laudatory feature.

Among the hundreds of Greek islands, the popular website highlights the ten best beaches based on natural beauty, rarity, and traveler feedback.

According to this survey, Ios excels with Manganari Beach, which is ideal for water sports, entertainment, or seclusion. The beach is adorned with a series of small coves, creating a uniquely picturesque landscape.

Meanwhile, the British Times consider the enchanting island of the Cyclades as one of the ten ideal places in Greece for couples in their newly published list. According to the Times, the charming Chora of Ios is perfect for romantic strolls through its narrow streets and visits to hilltop churches overlooking the Aegean sunset.

“Our narrative is expanding without overlooking the island’s enchanting nature and exotic beaches,” comments Antonis Mettos, president of the Ios Municipality Tourism Committee.