Karpathos, the second largest of the Greek Dodecanese islands in the southeast Aegean Sea, has captured the top spot in the preferences of Dutch tourists, as revealed by Griekenland.net, a leading travel website in the Netherlands.

Following a survey among travelers seeking Greek destinations for water sports, diving, themed excursions, and sailing trips, Karpathos emerged as the preferred choice.

Praising the island’s northerly dry wind, meltemi and its intricate coastline, the website hails Karpathos as Greece’s premier destination for windsurfing enthusiasts. Additionally, its rich underwater world, featuring reefs and shipwrecks, offers unparalleled diving experiences for sea lovers. Surfing schools and diving centers further enhance the island’s appeal, providing exceptional services.

Concurrently, Danish magazine Ude og Hjemme has showcased Karpathos as “Greece’s Untouched Diamond” in a comprehensive feature. Highlighting its pristine natural beauty, authentic cuisine, deep-rooted traditions, and abundant opportunities for exploration, the magazine underscores Karpathos’ allure as the second largest island in the Dodecanese.

Tasos Milios, Deputy Mayor of Tourism in Karpathos, expressed optimism about the season’s outlook, noting positive feedback and a diverse range of tourists expected from traditional and emerging markets. He highlighted the appeal of Karpathos for multi-experience vacations, including village tours, numerous beaches, hiking, diving, climbing, maritime activities, cultural immersion, unique traditions, and gastronomy, which have resonated well in international markets.