A handful of UK media outlets, such as the Evening Standard and the Guardian, are continuing to include the southern Dodecanese island of Karpathos as among the most ideal European destinations for holidays during the low season.

According to the Evening Standard, Karpathos offers tourism services at reasonable prices and provides an authentic glimpse into a slower-paced way of life preserved on more remote Aegean islands.

The Guardian echoes the sentiments, while also citing Saria, a small islet off Karpathos, as among the 24 most thrilling experiences for a vacation on dreamy beaches, while recognizing the islet as one of the best-preserved “hidden gems” in Europe.
According to the latter, holidays on Karpathos, the second-largest island in the Dodecanese, offer picturesque villages, a distinctive cuisine, unique traditions and Saría, which once served as a hideout for pirates.

The mountainous island’s rising popularity landed it on another “Top 10” listing recently, this time following a vote on the Dutch travel website Griekenland.net and after a similar poll by Norwegian holiday makers, found at Greek destinations

Tasos Milios, the island’s deputy mayor and head of the tourism sector in the municipality, said the goal is to take advantage of such “good press” to convey the “magic of the destination” to travelers seeking high quality stays and to media professionals seeking to highlight authentic travel experiences.
“In recent years trends are changing, with an emphasis on destinations beyond the ordinary,” Milios said.