At the center of international attention is the island of Lipsi (Leipsoi) with the British newspaper The Sun and the popular Italian website Vanity Fair highlighting the initiatives of the Municipality and the local community for environmental sustainability.

In a recent report, The Sun states that life on Lipsi is characterized by tranquility and calm. The island, known as a haven for hikers and nature enthusiasts, has successfully steered clear of mass tourism. Local authorities and the community are firm in their stance against organized sunbeds and umbrellas.

“The small size of our island and its coastal geomorphology simply do not allow for the placement of even a few beach umbrellas,” says the Mayor Fotis Mangos.

Additionally, Lipsi is featured in Vanity Fair’s list of the best Greek islands for 2024. The esteemed Italian website portrays it as an unspoiled exotic getaway, boasting pristine waters, delectable local cuisine, and a vacation ‘vibe’ that diverges from the norm.

Lipsi, the largest among a cluster of 30 islets in the Southeastern Aegean, part of the Dodecanese, is emerging in the eyes of the travel community, domestically and internationally, as a destination committed to conserving its natural beauty. Simultaneously, the local municipality is investing significant efforts in enhancing infrastructure, port facilities, and services.

“2023 marked a record tourism year, and there is optimism for the upcoming season,” emphasized the mayor.