Rome, Paris, London, Istanbul and Vienna are the top destinations Greeks searched in 2023, according to Google searches as processed by Digital Tourism & Travel Marketing Agency Tourix.

Google’s search engine is a key tool for holidaymakers to plan and prepare their vacation by looking for practical details like where to book related to their interests.

In a detailed breakdown, the top 10 cities with the highest travel demand among Greeks for 2023 include:


Rome held the top spot in preferences for most months of 2023, except for May, July, September, October, and November when London took a slight lead.

There was a noticeable interchange of the first position between London and Rome throughout the months. However, along with Paris, they managed to stay within the top 3 consistently throughout 2023.

Tourism across Europe showed signs of recovery in 2023, and according to Eurostat data, there was a rise in overnight stays by 171 million in 2023 compared to 2022, marking a 6.3% increase.

This surge was primarily attributed to the rise in the number of international visitors (+146 million) and, to a lesser extent, the increase in domestic visitors (+25 million).

Tourism levels, measured in terms of overnight stays, were 25% higher than a decade ago (2013: 2.33 billion overnight stays).

In comparison to 2022, nearly all European Union member states experienced an increase in tourism in 2023, with only Luxembourg recording a slight decrease (-0.1%).