The Cyclades island of Sifnos was picked this week as the top world tourist destination by Vogue. The editors of the iconic fashion magazine first identified what they called the 11 best tourist destinations in the world for 2024, with Sifnos in first place.

Vogue encourages its millions of readers to visit the picturesque and tranquil Cycladic Island, saying it maintains its authenticity, stands out for its timeless gastronomy and is ideal for “slow travel” and leisurely, carefree vacations without much planning.

The destinations that followed were the Caribbean island of Grenada, the Ecuadoran capital of Quito, the Big Sur region in California, the port city of Tangier in Morocco, Jeju Island in South Korea, Bodrum in Turkey, the massive Indian Ocean island nation of Madagascar, Serbia, eternal Paris, all of France and the Spanish region of Galicia.

In a first reaction, the new Deputy mayor of Tourism for the municipality of Sifnos, Giannis Rafeletos, emphasized that the past season concluded with a record number of tourist arrivals.

“Our goal for the coming years is to maintain and highlight all those characteristics that make Sifnos unique in the hearts of our friends from around the world. Our paths, culture, love for nature, heritage and culinary richness are integral parts of the travel experience that we aim to preserve. Additionally, a priority will be to encourage the organization of tourist, cultural and sports-related activities on the island,” he said.