Temporarily increased cloudiness and local showers are expected in most parts of mainland and Western Greece, in the Ionian Islands, in the mountainous areas of Crete, Thrace, and the Eastern Aegean. The Attica region will be cloudy with the chance of some rain throughout the day. Thessaloniki, on the other hand, will be mostly sunny.

Winds will blow south at 4 to 5 points on the Beaufort scale in the Aegean and Ionian seas and at 4 Beaufort in the rest of the country.

Temperatures will range from 1 to 16 degrees Celsius in Northern Greece, 3 to 20 degrees in Central and Southern Greece, 5 to 19 degrees in Western Greece, from 7 to 16 degrees in the Cyclades and Crete, 7 to 17 degrees Celsius in the Eastern Aegean, and from 10 to 17 degrees in the Dodecanese.

Bad weather is expected come Saturday afternoon, so brace yourselves for rain, thunderstorms and even weak snowfall.