Greece is a top choice for Norwegian travelers in 2024, as reported by The popular website notes that Greek destinations provide the perfect blend of relaxation, nature, vacationing, fine cuisine, and endless exploration, making them highly appealing.

The focus shifts to lesser-known, high-quality destinations that could become favorites among Norwegian tourists. Lefkada’s stunning beaches in the Ionian Sea, Sporadic Alonissos‘ pristine natural environment, and Karpathos’ welcoming atmosphere with its diverse landscapes in the Dodecanese islands lead the list. Following closely are the lush Thasos and the charming Syros.

Mainland Greece is represented by Preveza, Ioannina, and Parga, promising unique excursions. Rounding off the list are perennial favorites such as Crete, with its timeless allure; historically rich Samos; iconic Santorini; all-encompassing Rhodes; and the ever-popular Kos.

The Deputy Mayor of Tourism for Western Samos expressed plans to leverage the island’s diverse tourism offerings to strengthen ties with established markets like Scandinavia and explore new opportunities in Turkey, capitalizing on favorable current conditions.

Similarly, the Deputy Mayor of Tourism for Karpathos highlighted Scandinavians’ early preference for the island, drawn by its authenticity and extensive offerings, including picturesque villages, numerous exotic beaches, and historical landmarks, making it an ideal destination for extended stays.