According to the analysis conducted by meteorological station, using data from the European Copernicus program, temperatures in the country, especially in northern Greece, exceeded expected forecasts for the season. Most significant is February’s deviation, as during the first ten days of the month temperatures reached 12 °C higher than normal.

It is notable that 6 of the warmest winter seasons of all time have been recorded in the past decade.

The graph below shows the average maximum temperature for winter periods from 1960 to 2024 across Greece, which demonstrates an average increase of 1.8°C during that timeline.

Graph 1. The average maximum temperatures of winter seasons from 1960 to 2024.

The second graph illustrates the deviation of average maximum temperatures of this winter season from the average values of the period 1991-2020 in the country. In areas of Northern Greece, the average deviation was 2-3 °C above the average value of the period 1991-2020. In the rest of the country, temperatures positively deviated 1-2 °C, while in no part of Greece was there a deviation less than +0.5 °C.

Deviation of average max. temperatures between 2023-2024 from average value of winter seasons between 1991 and 2020.