Greek contestant Marina Satti wowed audiences in Thursday’s Eurovision 2024 semi-final, earning a spot in Saturday’s grand final with her performance, already garnering over 600,000 views on YouTube.

Despite battling illness, Satti delivered an exceptional rendition of her song “Zari,” which means “die”, the singular form of dice,captivating Eurovision fans at the Malmö Arena in Sweden.

At the post-result press conference, Satti expressed a mix of anxiety and excitement about the upcoming events, noting the energetic atmosphere backstage.

She also shared insights into the thematic direction of her song’s accompanying video clip, aiming to humorously confront stereotypes associated with Greece.

Responding to a question from a Turkish journalist Satti expressed affection for Turkey stating: “I had a teacher who taught me songs from the east, from Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan… and I wondered how they have so many similarities with Greek music. And then my teacher told me something I’ll never forget: That the age of these civilizations is much older than the borders between these countries.”

Following the completion of the second semi-final, Satti was drawn for the first half of the competition and selected to perform in the 12th position.