Dozens of events, roundtable discussions, exhibitions, and film screenings will be raising awareness about the challenges faced by displaced individuals while highlighting the positive impact they can make during Refugee Week Greece, which kicks off in Athens on Friday, June 14.

In its third year, Refugee Week Greece – coinciding with “World Refugee Day” on June 20 – runs through to June 23 and includes the participation of dozens of organisations and diaspora artists.

This year’s festival begins with a screening of “The Swimmers” at Trianon Cinema to be followed by a discussion with producer and director Hassan Akkad and Amnesty International Greece Director Christos Dimopoulos.

The festival theme for 2024 is “Our Home” inspired by the hundreds of stories of displaced individuals seeking a safe place to live.

Photo credit: Refugee Week Greece

Fostering Understanding and Acceptance

Additionally this year parallel events will be taking place in Heraklion on  Crete over the weekend. Heraklion is this year’s “Highlighted City”.

Held for the first time in 1998 in the UK to highlight the contributions, creativity and authenticity of people having experienced forced migration, Refugee Week has since been held in 17 countries.

The aim of the event is to acknowledge refugees and migrants, to listen to their stories, and celebrate diversity and inclusion. At the same time, the weeklong happening aims to encourage collaboration among diverse stakeholders to promote a positive message for refugees and migrants, inspiring collective action toward more inclusive societies.

Lastly, organizers this year invite participants to go plastic-free, providing a Plastic Free Guide to organisers and attendees.

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The festival is co-organised by Counterpoints Greece and We are Community with the support of the Athens Municipality, the UNHCR, and UNICEF, member organisations and volunteers.