In Greece, one thing we undoubtedly excel at is food – both in consumption and preparation. Rarely does a tourist who visits Greece not indulge in iconic Greek dishes such as souvlaki, moussaka, feta, and other delectable local specialties.

Our passion for food, high-quality ingredients, and culinary artistry has once again received well-deserved recognition. Taste Atlas has unveiled its list of the world’s best cuisines and dishes, and Greece has secured its place in both categories.

Following a global vote, Greek cuisine has claimed an impressive second spot worldwide, trailing only behind Italy and Japan, who jointly held the top position. Garnering a stellar rating of 4.64 with a perfect score of 5, the Greek cuisine outshone many others. Portugal followed closely with a score of 4.61, and China secured the fifth spot with a score of 4.59.

Meanwhile, Taste Atlas’s top 100 world dishes also had seven Greek delicacies included. Among them, dakos – a type of dried bread that is soaked in water to soften, then topped with ripe tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, capers, and oregano – achieved the highest rating (4.61) and holds the 17th position.

Ranked at 26th are the lamb chops, with giouvets – a dish characterized by slow-cooked meat, typically beef or lamb, with vegetables and orzo pasta – at 64th, gyro at 69th, kokoretsi at 79th, kleftiko at 90th, and souvlaki at 95th. Each dish showcases the rich and diverse flavors of Greek gastronomy on the global culinary stage.