Sustainable Fashion Fair, Impact Hub

This weekend, you’re invited to discover Impact Hub Athens’ Sustainable Fashion Fair, kicking off this Saturday at 12pm. Over two days, an event dedicated to sustainable fashion will unfold, featuring thirty like-minded fashion brands showcasing their creations, colors, music, and unique vibe at Impact Hub’s building (Karaiskaki 28, Psyri). Simultaneously, the event has scheduled free workshops, English-speaking film screenings and sessions for those with their own ideas who want to make them happen. The market, offering free admission, is part of the “EcoFashionEU – Promoting the sustainability of small and medium textile and fashion manufacturers” project, aiming to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the textile, garment, and fashion sector to adopt sustainable practices.

New Landscapes, Skoufa Gallery

Skoufa Gallery has opened its doors and invites everyone to explore George Hadoulis’ 11th solo exhibition, titled New Landscapes, a series of twenty works consisting mostly of large oil paintings on canvas and smaller ink drawings on paper. A graduate of Paris’ École des Beaux-Arts, Hadoulis draws inspiration from landscapes deeply impressed on his memory, places he has lived and explored.  Hadoulis invites us to transport to his landscapes, reflecting with them or simply marveling how previous generations or future ones experience the thrilling sensation of living in this beautiful world.

Swimmers, George Hadoulis, Skoufa Gallery

May, George Hadoulis, Skoufa Gallery

The exhibition runs until May 11 and can be visited during the gallery’s opening hours (Monday and Wednesday 10am-4pm, Tuesday and Thursday 10am.-8pm, Friday 10am-8pm and Saturday from 10.30am-4pm).

Waiting for Godot, ‘Theater of the NO’

The first English-speaking Theater in Athens, Theater of the NO made its debut yesterday, hosting Samuel Beckett’s timeless masterpiece Waiting for Godot as its inaugural performance. Nikos Dionysios with a brilliant international cast brings new energy and innovation to one of the most important theatrical plays of the 20th century. A classic sample of the theater of the absurd, Beckett’s play  invite us to reflect alongside the main protagonists Vladimir and Estragon on questions such as “Who am I?” , “Is it a drama?”, “Maybe a comedy?”, “Nothing?”.

Credit: Nikos Pagonakis

Theater of the NO

Credit: Nikos Pagonakis

The performance runs every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday at 20:30 at the newly inaugurated “Theater of the NO”. For pre-sale tickets please visit:

Special Cinema Screenings at Studio New Star Art Cinema

Studio New Star Art cinema is currently hosting a cinematic tribute to Swedish cinema aiming to promote Swedish contemporary productions.

This Saturday at 7pm. Eva Beling’s documentary, Prejudice& Pride- Swedish Film Queer, will be on display, offering a rainbow-colored roller coaster ride through a stunning collection of films. From Mauritz Stiller’s filming of the world’s first gay romance in 1916 to Sweden’s exciting new wave of Scandinavian transgender films along with all the highs and lows of the century long struggle for queer liberation.

Additionally, Studio New Star Art cinema is bringing back Jean-Luc Goddard’s tumultuous film, Hail Mary premiering in 1985. Suggesting a modern retelling of the story of the virgin birth, the film follows Mary, a college student who becomes pregnant without having intercourse, affecting people close and unrelated to her in different ways.

The film screens Thursday-Sunday at 9pm. at Studio New Star Art Cinema.