‘International Day of Body Music’ Workshop at PLAYGROUND

The International Day of Body Music is held on the first Sunday of February each year, in memory of the remarkable body musician and Barbatuques founder, Fernando Barba (1971-2021). This event curated by the International Body Music Festival in San Francisco, signifies a celebration of cultures that express music through their bodies, voices, percussive dances, and rhythmic communities. PLAYGROUND as a co-producer of the upcoming International Body Music Festival in Athens this November, invites you to join this celebration by hosting a complimentary body music workshop featuring renowned instructors, Thanos Daskalopoulos, Yiota Peklari, Georgina Vardoulaki, and Natasha Martin. The workshop will take place this Sunday, February 4, from 1 pm to 3 pm at PLAYGROUND.


Miss Julie’ by August Strindberg, Fournos Theater

Viewed from within a code of silence (actions presented by performers onstage without spoken dialogue), Panos Kougias brings on stage a fresh perspective on Strindberg’s Miss Julie every Thursday and Friday at 9 pm at Fournos Theater. Set against the backdrop of Sweden on Midsummer’s Eve, the main characters intricately probe the boundaries of solitude and love, raising the thought-provoking question “Can love be conceptualized as an autoimmune disease?” The performance is accessible to non-Greek-speaking audiences as it unfolds from within a code of silence. Tickets and more info can be found on the event’s official page.

Stand Up Comedy Show, by the Athens English Comedy Club

Get set for an uproarious comedic feast this Sunday, February 4, organized by the Athens English Comedy Club at ELIART Theater. Doors open at 9 pm where eight comedians will serve their finest quips. Some jokes will land like fireworks, others will hit the sweet spot and others might just vanish into the comedy abyss. The laughter’s fate lies in your hands! This week’s show welcomes two comedians based in Germany and Portugal performing for the first time in Greece. For tickets and additional information visit the Athens English Comedy Club page.

Urban Pathways Art exhibition, Thalatta.art Gallery

Urban Pathways is a group exhibition dedicated to citizens of urban spaces aiming to reflect their limitations, desires, issues of interactions with the self and others as well as their deep desire for change. Whether by their own will or due to external forces, people leave their homelands in pursuit of the utopia of the ideal city, one that brings hope to all those who are seeking it. Their will to overcome obstacles and wish to keep going take center stage in this exhibition curated by Eirini Maria Nanouri and hosted at Thalatta.art gallery. The exhibition can be visited this Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm and during the gallery’s regular opening hours on weekdays.

Konstantina Barbari

Viktoria Darila

Aggeliki Loi