Exports of Greek distilled beverages, encompassing all types of liquors and spirit drinks, exceeded 100 million euros in value for 2023, up 9.4% percent on the previous year, according to data released by Eurostat last week.

Ouzo, the clear anise-flavored aperitif, was once again the most popular spirit exported from Greece, accounting for 58% of the total value of distilled beverage exports and 68% of total volume.

According to the Greek Federation of Spirits Producers (SEAOP), which processed the data collected and released by the EU statistics authority, the 106 million euros in export earnings for 2023 confirm that the sector has not only rebounded from the pandemic, it has exceeded pre-Covid levels, as well.

On a five-year basis (2019-2023), Greece’s spirits and alcoholic beverages sector has posted an increase of nearly 40% in terms of value, and 5.2% percent in terms of produce shipped abroad.

The EU-27 market absorbs 76% of Greek spirit exports by value and 78% (or 28.4 million kilos) by volume.