As families gather around the holiday table, celebrating and sharing meals, ensuring food safety becomes paramount to prevent food poisoning incidents.
According to the National Public Health Organization (NPHO), mishandling food during the holidays leads to frequent cases of “food poisoning,” causing gastroenteritis symptoms.

Experts advise simple precautions:
Handling meat properly is essential. When thawing meat place it in the refrigerator, or in a plastic bag in cold water, or the microwave.
Handle raw meat cautiously. Avoid cross-contamination by washing hands and surfaces thoroughly.
When cooking meat and stuffing use a thermometer to ensure the right internal temperature.

Refrigerate leftovers promptly and consume them within 3-4 days.
Reheat food properly to at least 74°C.
Additionally, keep meats, eggs, and seafood separate from other foods in the fridge.

Proper Cooking and Temperature is also vital. Ensure foods are cooked at safe temperatures, using a food thermometer.
Maintain Safe Temperatures: Refrigerate leftovers within two hours and store them at proper temperatures. And keep temperatures of the fridge below 4°C and the freezer below -18°C.
Use Pasteurized Eggs. Especially in dishes containing raw eggs, such as dishes with mayonnaise, tiramisu, various Caesar-style sauces, which can pose risks if not handled properly.

These measures safeguard against foodborne illnesses during the holiday season, preserving the joy of festive meals without health risks.