World travel guide TasteAtlas crowned Greek peaches among its list of 84 best fruits in the world.

According to the guide, “Rodakina Naousas grow in the Greek region of Central Macedonia. Even though these peach varieties originated in China, the excellent weather and soil conditions combined with systematic cultivation made them adapt quickly to the Mediterranean, and they quickly became one of the most popular fruits in Greece.”

The guide mentions that the peaches “are sought after by consumers both in Greece and beyond, especially in the markets of Europe and the Arabian Peninsula, where they are sold from the end of May to the end of October.”

Mandarins from the Aegean Island of Chios also made the top ten, placed 7th on the list. TasteAtlas comments “This variety of mandarins is among the most aromatic in the world. Even when they are unripe, the persistence of their aroma will make anyone love them at the first bite. Amazingly, their aroma escapes the citrus groves, taking over the entire island, making Chios known both in Greece and abroad as ‘Myrovolos’ – the fragrant island.”

Out of all 84 fruits, seven more originate from Greece including Apples from Pilios in Thessaly (14th), Kiwi from the Pierian plains in Thessaly (16th), Firiki apples from Pilios (18th), Oranges from the Cretan town of Chania (2oth), Cherries from Rodochori in Macedonia (22nd), Prickly Pears from the Aegean (59th) and Kumquats from the Island of Corfu (62nd).