The Triangles of Panorama (Trigona Panoramatos) have been ranked as the second-best pastry in the world in the bakery category, according to the Taste Atlas gastronomic guide.

Taking the second position, the Triangles of Panorama follow the sweet Pastel de Belém tart from Portugal, according to the guide’s voters. This crispy and buttery “Thessaloniki-style” dessert with layers of pastry and cream claimed the second spot in preferences. Notably, another Greek sweet, the Apple Pies of Milos, secured the 5th position in the rankings.

This marks the second distinction within a short span of 24 hours for Greece, as the same guide recently ranked Greek cuisine as the 3rd best in the world, behind Italian and Japanese.

Claiming the top spot is the Portuguese Pastel de Belém. This is a Portuguese custard tart made of flaky pastry, filled with egg custard, and optionally sprinkled with cinnamon.