The Council of the EU and the European Parliament have reached the provisional “European Health Data Space” agreement today, a new law facilitating the exchange and access to health data at the EU level.

The May 2022 Commission regulations aim to empower citizens in healthcare by giving them full control over their data. This will improve healthcare services in the EU and make data more accessible for research and public health efforts.

The agreement between co-legislators sets out guidelines for using health data to improve healthcare, research, innovation, and policymaking. These regulations aim to harness the secure and safe exchange of health data while upholding EU data protection standards.

Under these regulations, citizens will enjoy immediate and seamless access to their digital health records across the EU. Health professionals will have the capability to retrieve a patient’s medical history when necessary for treatment in another EU member state, facilitating evidence-based decision-making while fully respecting EU data protection regulations.

The European Health Data Space (EHDS) creates a strong legal framework for using health data in research, innovation, and public health efforts. This data will aid in developing life-saving treatments and personalized medicines, improving crisis preparedness, all while maintaining strict data security and access rules, and respecting fundamental rights.