According to an announcement from the ministry, these artifacts originate from three different geographic regions of Greece – Crete, Epirus and the broader region of Athens. All three share a common element, they are products of illegal excavations trafficked by antiquities smugglers before ending up in the Carlos Museum

The torturous act in the village of Monofatsi, which was recorded on the CCTV installed on the premises by the owner, has sparked widespread outrage in the local community, while the two suspects, aged 26 and 21, remain at large.

The analysis justified the long position on Greek 10-year bonds, compared to those of Italy, in light of the ongoing passive investment flows into indices in January and the expectation of a reversal of recent pressure once the joint Greek bond issuance is announced. The bank expects Greece to issue a new 10-year bond through a consortium in the coming weeks, mainly during the next week.

The same reports said the decision by the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Greece’s hierarchs, 81 Metropolitans (bishops) in all, was unanimous. The Holy Synod session was chaired by the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Ieronymos.