Two men were fined over €50,000 for allegedly killing a dog after they hanged it on an iron beam outside a sheepfold in a village near Heraklion, Crete last week.

The torturous act in the village of Monofatsi, which was recorded on the CCTV installed on the premises by the owner, has sparked widespread outrage in the local community, while the two suspects, aged 26 and 21, remain at large.

The two men, who stole two goats and five metal feeders, callously hanged the dog after they had entered the sheepfold at night. Apart from the hefty fine, the suspects are also facing criminal prosecution for violating animal cruelty laws.

According to police sources, one of the perpetrators, the 26-year-old, approached the dog, passed a rope around its neck, and threw it over an iron beam. The heart-wrenching moments were recorded by a camera installed by the owner of the sheepfold, where another dog was seen shrieking under the suspended animal.
The case is expected to be forwarded for criminal prosecution, according to Cretalive. The two perpetrators remain at large.