Access to the application is done using Taxis codes, which are then stored, and subsequently, user verification is done either through Face ID or fingerprint, without the need for the user to enter their codes on Taxisnet each time they log in.

Luxembourg and Ireland were on the opposite end of the spectrum recording the highest levels (140% and 112% above the EU average, respectively), far above the Netherlands (30% above the EU average), Denmark (+28%), and Austria (+23%).

Revenues in the tourism sector posted a 27.1% rise in January 2024, reaching 278.3 million euros, compared to 219.0 million euros in January 2023. Furthermore, a 0.7% increase was observed in tourism payments (January 2024: 165.7 million euros, January 2023: 164.4 million euros).

The state budget primary balance, on a modified cash basis, posted a surplus of 3.378 billion euros, against the primary surplus target of 1.981 million euros and a primary surplus of 4.215 billion euros over same period of the previous year.

The PM referred to the 2020 Davos agreement with Microsoft officials for a large investment in the country which had elevated Greece to a potential logistics hub, calling the deal very important.