Yesterday’s News Wrap-up includes the following:

BoG: Private Deposits Down by 1.068bln Euros in Feb. 2024

Deposits placed by households and private non-profit institutions decreased by 156 million euros, compared with a decrease of 2.070 billion euros in the previous month; the annual growth rate remained unchanged at 3.1% compared to the previous month.

Ember Report: Greece Emerges as EU Solar Energy Leader in 2023

Insights from the energy think tank attribute Greece’s success to rapid capacity growth since 2019, adding 1.4 GW in 2022 and 1.7 GW in 2023. Feed-in tariffs for small photovoltaic systems, until 2022’s end, streamlined processes and supported the Energy Market Agreement.

Amendment to Allow Legalization of Illegal Streambed Tourist Structures in Greece

The new regulation will affect tourist facilities or accompanying works erected or under construction in the streambed of small ravines, with building permits or other administrative acts issued before a 1979 law, which regulates various urban planning issues.

ELSTAT: Greek Health Expenditures Reach €5.89 Billion in 2022

Regarding citizens’ private health expenditures, the majority was on purchasing medications and other medical materials, reaching 2.60 billion euros in 2022 from 2.47 billion euros in 2021, marking a 4.9% increase.

Working Hours Violations Dominate Labor Inspection Findings

Out of a total of 11,640 violations, 5,774 were related to working hours. The Labor Inspection recorded 1,218 violations for undeclared work, 3,808 violations for personnel records (overtime) and 470 for misuse of the digital work card.

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