The ruling conservative party New Democracy (ND) recorded a slight setback in terms of voter intention, according to a recent survey carried out by pollsters “Interview” on behalf of POLITIC news site.

The findings revealed that the highly contentious issues of same-sex marriage, private universities, and the farmers’ protests caused significant upheaval reflected in the slide of popular support for ND.

Notably, centrist party PASOK also saw its percentage decline, while major opposition party SYRIZA, polling until recently in third spot in a slew of surveys, managed to regain and solidify its position in second place.

In particular, despite still holding on to the lead, ND (New Democracy) witnessed a 0.6% decline in voting intention:

  • ND: 28.5% (down from 29.1%)
  • SYRIZA: 12.2% (up from 11.9%)
  • PASOK: 10.5% (down from 11%)
  • KKE (Communist Party of Greece): 6.5% (down from 7%)
  • Greek Solution: 8% (up from 7.5%)
  • New Left: 3.9% (down from 4%)
  • Course of Freedom: 2% (down from 2.5%)
  • Spartans: 1.9% (down from 2%)
  • NIKI (Victory): 4.7% (up from 4.1%)
  • Undecided voters stand at 13.4% (down from 13.9%).

Half of the respondents considered the upcoming European elections – scheduled for June 4-6 – as an opportunity to express their protest against their party, while in response to the question of who is the most suitable prime minister, 38% of those asked chose “None”, 3 points below PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis who garnered 41%.

Six out of ten said they would cast their vote based on their core belief values which reflected their ideology, in contrast to only 14% who responded they would decide the individual, and 7% on the party.