The Athens University of Economics and Business unveiled myAUEB, marking a pioneering stride as the first Greek university to offer a fully-fledged mobile application tailored exclusively for undergraduate students, today, April 24.

myAUEB stands as the premier mobile app for a Greek university, available on both Google and Apple stores, with its design stemming from specific student requirements, and customizing features accordingly.

The application is designed for undergraduate students and is seamlessly connected with the university’s systems and external platforms.

It provides personalized information and various services such as a digital calendar with daily class schedules, announcements and deadlines for assignments and exams, progress analysis with grades, course completion percentage tracking for degree attainment, immediate push notifications for schedule changes or updates, and personalized user notification management.

Furthermore, students have the opportunity to connect with the job market being offered instant job opportunities through the app; detailed company presentations, job requirements, and benefits are provided. Plus, students can apply digitally, making the process quick and efficient.

The app, created with COSMOTE and White Space, meets international standards for user-friendliness and appeal with student feedback from design and testing has been overwhelmingly positive.