As the first heat wave hit Greece, Athenians flocked to the beaches in search of a breath of coolness, only to discover that prices at organized beaches are exorbitant. Citizens are being called to dig deep into their pockets for a swim accompanied by snacks. Prices for a set of sunbeds can reach 40 euros on weekdays and 80 euros on weekends.

A survey conducted by MEGA TV at the organized beaches of the broader Athens region reveals the steep costs for a brief getaway.

At Alimos Beach, one of the nearest beaches to the city of Athens, the cost for two people on weekdays is 22 euros—8 euros per person for entrance plus 3 euros per sunbed. On weekends and holidays, the price rises to 30 euros for a couple, with a 10 euro entrance fee per person and 5 euros per sunbed.

For a swim at Vouliagmeni Beach, the cost for a couple with a 15-year-old child is 25 euros, with an entrance fee of 10 euros per adult and 5 euros for the child. On weekends and holidays, the total cost increases to 38 euros, with 15 euros per adult and 8 euros for the child.

At Voula Beach, the cost on a weekday is 40 euros, including the entrance fee and sunbeds for two people, with the price reaching 50 euros during weekends.

Finally, a visit to Porto Rafti, a seaside resort town in East Attica, will cost a couple 50 euros for the entrance fee and a set of sunbeds on weekdays. On weekends, the cost reaches 80 euros.

Adding to the costs, if you decide to buy a light snack, such as a sandwich, coffee, or soft drinks, the total price for two adults and a child can range from 50 to 100 euros.