The latest instance of migrant smuggling played out on Monday south of the Greek isle of Gavdos – the country’s southernmost territory – as coast guard units retrieved 283 third country nationals off a packed and dilapidated vessel.

As with numerous such cases in the past, once close to EU territory calls are made to the EU 112 emergency line requesting immediate assistance.

The would-be migrants were taken to a ID center near the port city of Chania, on Crete, after first being transferred to Gavdos and then to former large island by ferry boat.

No information was given on the nationality or ages of the irregular migrants. No arrests were reported so far of individuals aboard the craft on charges of migrant smuggling.

People smugglers now operating from strife-plagued Libya have stepped up attempts to funnel third country nationals onto EU territory, mostly Greece and Italy, in the central and east Mediterranean.

Upon approaching land, calls are made for the coast guard to pick up the passengers, with most of the third country nationals – with or without documentation on them – then filing asylum requests.