Unions representing educators and college lecturers announced a workplace stoppage for Thursday in opposition to the proposed bill for the establishment of non-state, non-profit universities in Greece.

Unions representing both primary and tertiary educators, DOE and OLME, announced the industrial action to maintain, as they claim,  the public character of universities in Greece.

Although taking an official stand on the looming reform, participation in such strikes and work stoppages by public school educators is usually very low.

Protest rallies were also called by the same unions in downtown Athens, with latter also promising similar work stoppages throughout the month.

The same public sector unions also oppose teacher evaluations in the public sector.

Greece is one of the few, if not the only Western world nation, that does not recognize or sanction non-state, non-profit higher education institutions on its territory. A constitutional article, dating to 1975, has been used to prevent the establishment of such institutions.

Additionally, teachers’ unions have bitterly opposed whatever evaluations for their members, while dismissing and skeptical of standardized tests for pupils using international criteria, such as the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).