A fire erupted late Tuesday in the warehouse and working-class residential district of Acharnes – extreme west Athens – along a dry creek bed, with high winds spreading the blaze to two nearby production plants (plastics and paper) both of which were engulfed by flames.

Emergency SMS messages were sent to residents of the wider area, advising them to remain on alert and keep their windows shut due to possible toxic smoke from the fire.


Nearly 90 firefighters operating 24 vehicles worked through the night to contain the fire. In addition, municipal water trucks and volunteers aided the efforts.

Winds of approximately 5 on the Beaufort scale complicated fire-fighting efforts.

As of early Wednesday morning, the fire had been mostly contained, with the emphasis turning to preventing a rekindling.

The paper plant was still burning at daybreak, however, and reported as completely destroyed.

The fire brigade has begun an arson investigation into the incident.