One in two Greeks systemically eats out, a recent study by Focus Bari, an affiliate and partner of YouGov, announced this week.

The survey, entitled ” Greeks, Food and Diet,” delves into the eating habits of residents in the country, exploring the impact of cost, health considerations and the notable trend of choosing to dine out. According to selected data, more than half of residents in the country take regular outings for meals, with a significant portion opting for packaged or takeout food.

Interestingly, the study highlights that one in every two young individuals consistently visit fast-food restaurants, showcasing a particular tendency among younger consumers.

Furthermore, the study unveils that approximately one in three Greeks approaches frozen foods with caution. These individuals consciously steer clear of genetically modified items and express reservations about dietary supplements. Moreover, there is an inclination towards adopting a diet characterized by reduced meat and dairy consumption.

However, the study brings attention to a noteworthy trend: the proportion of Greeks who “succumb” to the allure of “tasty but harmful” foods surpasses those who consciously opt for healthier choices. This suggests a prevalent preference for indulgent but less nutritious options among the population.

It appears that young people, in particular, exhibit a stronger preference for these less nutritionally sound food choices, contributing to the broader dietary landscape revealed by the research.