The number of “unspoiled beaches” in Greece has now reached 238, following the addition of 40 new locations that meet the established criteria.

This expansion was carried out after reviewing requests from citizens, municipalities, and the Organization for Natural Environment and Climate Change, addressing both exclusions and additions to the list. Adjustments were also made to ensure existing citizen rights, such as those of adjacent businesses, were not affected.

These “unspoiled beaches” are governed by the 2024 law ‘Terms of Utilization of Public Property in Coastal Areas,’ which enforces strict restrictions on shoreline and beach usage to protect the natural environment. Business activities on these beaches are strictly prohibited.

The selection of these beaches was based on criteria such as the presence of habitats protected by EU or national legislation, rare endemic species of flora and fauna, important ecological functions for protected species, designation as Key Biodiversity Areas, and the presence of significant ecosystems in need of protection, conservation, or restoration.

A Joint Ministerial Decision by the Ministries of National Economy and Finance, and Environment and Energy ensures these ‘unspoiled beaches’ are safeguarded from any actions that could damage their natural state.

This includes banning motor vehicles, large events, amplified music, and the placement of movable items like tables and sunbeds. Additionally, activities serving bathers or public recreation, such as renting water sports equipment and operating mobile refreshment stands, are prohibited.