TomTom has unveiled its newest Traffic Index, analyzing 387 cities across 55 countries. The index evaluates traffic congestion, daily average travel times, and peak-hour driver speeds, among other factors. Athens ranks 31st globally and 16th in Europe.

In TomTom’s 2023 Traffic Index, data reveals that 80 cities globally require over 20 minutes to cover a mere 10-kilometer journey. Amongst these cities, London once again reigns as the world’s traffic nightmare.

For commuters in London, a standard 10-kilometer trip now demands 37 minutes and 20 seconds, a minute longer than last year and nearly two minutes more than in 2021. Peak hours amplify this agony, with drivers enduring a staggering one hour and 28 minutes of gridlock each day.

Meanwhile, Athens secures the 31st position worldwide, with an average ten-kilometer trip clocking in at 23 minutes and 10 seconds. Greek motorists collectively spend 112 hours annually trapped in snail-paced traffic, inching along at 20 kilometers per hour.

Surprisingly, TomTom’s index identifies American cities like Oklahoma, Knoxville, and San Diego as havens for hassle-free driving. In these locales, completing a 10-kilometer journey takes a mere 10 minutes, or eight and a half minutes under optimal traffic conditions. The secret lies in expansive highways where speeds soar beyond 60 km/h.

The main conclusion is that traffic is a challenge in any corner of the planet. Drivers universally strive to avoid peak hours, but doing so is no easy feat. Traffic congestion persists as a widespread issue worldwide.