More than 63,000 questions were submitted to the “digital assistant” in the first three days of operation, the state-run AMNA news agency reported on Saturday.

The new AI-based application by the digital governance ministry was designed to more efficiently help citizens with public services, while it commenced operation three days ago.

“Artificial Intelligence is a technology that the prime minister is putting a great deal of emphasis on. Rest assured that it will always be used with absolute respect for citizens’ personal data,” Digital Governance Minister Dimitris Papastergiou said.

In its first days of operation the application was asked to answer questions such as, “how can I get an ID”, or  “how can I issue a family certificate”, or “is my son eligible for a youth pass if he is born in 2010”.

However, non-legitimate questions were also asked, such as where can I find a girlfriend or is there a God? In turn, the AI app replied: “I am sorry I can’t help you in this matter. I am here to offer information regarding the Greek government and its procedures. In response to the second question the digital assistant replied: “As an AI I am sorry I don’t have the ability to have personal beliefs or opinions.”

The process is simple: a question is submitted, in written form or spoken, and the Digital Assistant will help the citizen locate the service they are looking for.

According to local media, 70% of the questions asked received an adequate reply with the first answer.