Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ address included a 20% increase for on-call shift pay allocated to state hospital physicians, as well as the establishment of non-state higher education institutions, i.e. colleges.

Greece will freeze extra defense spending until further notice, apart from programs already being implemented, Greek Defense Minister Nikos Dendias said over the weekend, while citing a re-evaluation of the country’s defense outlays and a more efficient handling of related spending.

Migrants who have illegally entered the country and resided for more than 3 years in Greece will be eligible to apply under certain conditions

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office on Friday announced the official return of 30 rare antiquities to Greece, which were valued at $3.7 million

Athens Repays 5.29bln€ of First Bailout Loans Ahead of Time

The specific Greek Loan Facility (GLF) loans were set to mature in 2024 and 2025. The GLF was the first bailout extended by Eurozone members and the IMF in May 2010

The three men aged 33, 28 and 24 were attending a bachelor party in a nightclub in the Gazi area were they got shot and are currently hospitalized