As the report notes, the Mediterranean country is particularly appealing to retirees from the U.S. considering its more affordable cost of living, between 30-50% below that in America. Another incentive for pensioners from America is the fact that property costs in Greece are nearly 75% cheaper than in the U.S., thus keeping everyday expenses relatively low.

Development Minister Kostas Skrekas said the measure is an extension to the similar “household basket” action which applies through to the end of June and includes three new food item categories which concern the Orthodox Greek fasting period.

The findings revealed that the highly contentious issues of same-sex marriage, private universities, and the farmers’ protests caused significant upheaval reflected in the slide of popular support for ND.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis congratulated Lanthimos for his achievement via his Facebook account, adding that the 50-year-old filmmaker’s “distinct perspective and narrative prowess” have not only captivated global film enthusiasts but also instilled pride among Greeks.

More specifically, Mitsotakis said ongoing investigations on the cause of the train crash were proceeding while brushing off allegations as unfounded that there was a land-filling effort at the crash site to cover up any responsible parties, adding he was fully confident in the country’s judiciary process.