A 50-year-old man shot dead his brother-in-law after his 18-year-old daughter reportedly accused the latter, her stepmother’s brother, of sexually abusing her since childhood. The deadly shooting took place on Tuesday evening in the central Greece port city of Volos.

In initial statements to authorities, the gunman said a shotgun he was wielding accidently fired and killed the man, 33, striking him in the chest and head. Media reports added that he allegedly admitted to hitting his brother-in-law in the head with the shotgun’s shoulder stock.

According to reports, the teenager also claimed that the man, an Albanian national, threatened to publicize pictures and videos of the alleged abuse.

The perpetrator has been charged with premeditated manslaughter and violations of firearms laws. The 50-year-old is due to face a local prosecutor this week to provide initial testimony in relation to the charges.