In a recent survey conducted by Opinion Poll and presented on ACTION 24’s prime-time news bulletin, Greeks appeared unconvinced about the effectiveness of the government’s proposed measures to combat sports violence.

The public sentiment on government measures extends beyond approval ratings and voting intentions. The survey delves into public reactions regarding government actions against sports-related violence, same-sex marriage and parenting, as well as measures affecting self-employed professionals.

Specifically, when asked whether the government’s measures will effectively combat sports-related violence, only 29.2% of respondents believe so. In contrast, a significant 66.4% express reservations or hold openly negative opinions on the matter.

On two of the most contentious topics in the public discourse – the Tax Bill reforms targeting freelancers/ self-employed professionals and same-sex marriage – 60.4% of the respondents were unfavorable towards the prior, while views against the implementation of same-sex marriage slightly edged out those in favor of institutionalizing the practice, 53.3% and 42.7%, respectively.

The margin was higher on whether same-sex couples should be allowed to adopt children, as 71.8% were against it, compared to 24.5% who saw it in a favorable light.

Expectedly, the high cost of living emerged as the foremost concern for a significant majority, with 60.6% highlighting it as a prominent issue. Following closely are economic worries at 37%, while concerns about crime and violence trail at 22.4%. The state of the public healthcare system (4.8%), unemployment (14.2%), and national issues, including Greek-Turkish relations (9.7%), round out the list of public apprehensions.

Notably, the outlook for the country in the coming year is marked by a profound sense of pessimism. A substantial 67.3% express little to no optimism, with only 31.8% maintaining a more positive outlook. The survey underscores prevailing anxieties and paints a picture of a populace grappling with a range of challenges as the new year unfolds.

In the latest voter preference estimate, the ruling New Democracy continues to assert its dominance with a 38.6% share (compared to 38.5% in the November survey), establishing a substantial 23.1% lead over the second-ranking PASOK, which garners 15.5% (down from 16% a month ago). SYRIZA follows in third place with 13.4% (compared to 14.7% a month ago).

Other political parties register as follows: the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) with 9.2%, Greek Solution (ELLINIKA LYSI) with 6.7%, Victory (NIKI) with 3.5%, Spartans (SPARTIATES) with 2.7%, Course of Freedom (PLEFSI ELEFTHERIAS) with 2.6%, New Left (NEA ARISTERA) with 2.6%, and MeRA25 with 2.3%. These results provide an overview of the current political landscape as the electoral landscape evolves.