Greek authorities on Thursday announced seven arrests in Athens of individuals accused of carrying out two separate attacks in Athens against an Israel-owned hotel and restaurant as well as a Jewish synagogue.

Five of the seven are foreign nationals, Iranians and Afghans.

Four of the suspects, identified as a local woman, 25, along with two Iranians, 36 and 46, were arrested for tossing a makeshift firebomb at a building in central Athens housing the hotel and restaurant last May. An Afghan man was arrested on charges of complicity.

They face felony arson and hate crime charges, among others.

An attempted arson of a synagogue in central Athens last June 18 was blamed on a local man, 44, and another Afghan, 26. The pair are accused of riding a motorcycle to the place of worship to douse its entrance with a flammable liquid and light the substance. The fire was quickly extinguished.

Another Iranian, 30, was charged as an accessory in this case. Felony counts were filed in this case as well.

Five of the suspects were ordered held on remand, while two were released on bail pending trial. No information was given on whether the foreign nationals were in the country legally or if they had previously entered illegally.

The arrests come after another two foreign nationals were arrested in March 2023 on charges of planning to carry out a terrorist attack against a restaurant known for catering to Israeli visitors and the same synagogue.