A father and son have been discovered dead in their apartment in Thessaloniki, weeks after perishing, and authorities have ruled out foul play in the tragedy. The father was 87 and the son, who was disabled, was 46.

Residents of the apartment building alerted police after noticing a foul odor and explained that they hadn’t seen the pair for weeks.

According to reports, the son was found in his bed and the father was next to him. Both were in advanced stages of decomposition.

Police note that they searched the apartment and have ruled out the likelihood of foul play and will have more information when they have results from the autopsies.

Speculating on what could have happened, neighbors note that the son had health problems and most likely passed away first, followed by the father who couldn’t handle the loss.

“They lived alone together and probably died before the holidays. They had their window open which could be the reason why the odor wasn’t detected earlier.”