According to Deputy Minister of Finance Haris Theocharis, speaking on ERT’s First Program, a legislative proposal will be presented to the Parliament to put an end to continuous extensions by instituting a new system that will be permanent in every instance, eliminating the need for extensions.

Regarding the graduated fines for late payment of annual traffic fees, it is highlighted that the earlier the payment is made after the deadline, the smaller the surcharge will be on the traffic fees.
For instance, no fine will be imposed for a limited delay of up to 10 days. For a one-month delay, the fine will amount to half of the annual fees, while for a two-month delay, it will double the value of the fee.

Presently, the monetary penalty for unpaid traffic fees doubles from the very first day of delay.
Sources indicate that the original deadline for fee payment, expiring on December 31, is under consideration for extension to January 10-15. In such a scenario, the deadline for submitting vehicle registration plates for those intending to immobilize their vehicles for the following year will also be extended accordingly.
It’s worth noting that in this case, the registration plates remain on the vehicle, indicating the parking space where the car will remain inactive.
However, individuals found circulating their vehicles after declaring immobilization will face severe consequences. They will be subject to a fine of €10,000, escalating to €30,000 in case of recurrence, along with a three-year revocation of the owner’s or possessor’s driving license.

The following methods can be used to pay the fees:
Visit an automatic transaction machine and scan the QR code on their notification, following the on-screen instructions.
Access their bank’s application (e-banking) and pay using the 23-digit RF code indicated on the notification.
Visit a bank branch or ELTA (Hellenic Post) store and pay at the counter by presenting the notification.

source ERT