The body of an American tourist reported missing since last Thursday on Mathraki, a small island north of Corfu in the Ionian Sea, was found on Sunday.

The body of the 70-year-old man, of Greek descent, was discovered in the sea off a secluded beach near a rocky area where he had been vacationing.

Mathraki, part of the Diapontian island chain and spanning just 3.5 square kilometers with a population of under 200, became the focus of a search after the man was reported missing by his host.

He had been seen at a café on Tuesday along with another two tourists but vanished without his passport, though his personal items were located.

Meanwhile, authorities in the Cyclades have been alerted after two French tourists have gone missing since Friday morning on the lesser known island of Sikinos.

The ongoing search is centered around the disappearance of two women, 73-year-old and a 64-year-old, who were staying at different hotels but are believed to have taken a hike together.

According to Sikinos Mayor Vasilis Marakis, one of the tourists sent a distressing message to the manger of the hotel she was staying at on Friday morning, stating she had fallen and wasn’t feeling well. Accompanying the message was a photo showing her on the ground.

Despite efforts, authorities have struggled to pinpoint her exact location through her mobile phone signal, limiting the search to the southern part of the island.

Search operations continue, focusing on local trails, with residents and authorities combing the area for any trace of the missing women.