Relevant Minister Vassilis Kikilias on Tuesday announced figures for the number of blazes that have been recorded throughout Greece since the start of this year’s wildfire season, on May 1, and up to July 7, taking to his account “X”.

In an accompanying video, Kikilias, who holds the wordy climate crisis and civil protection ministry, said a total of 2,166 wildfires have been reported up to July 7, with 1,870 being promptly extinguished or contained. Furthermore, since the beginning of this year’s season, 256 fines have been issued, and authorities have made 123 fire-related arrests —87 due to negligence and 36 intentionally.

Furthermore, the minister emphasized that beyond mere statistics vis-a-vis the wildfire season, these numbers embody the commitment of numerous groups: firefighters, forest specialists, pilots, operational teams, volunteers, local authorities, military personnel, and police. Their continuous efforts protect lives and properties daily. By avoiding hazards, maintaining our lands, and caring for our surroundings and neighbors, we demonstrate solidarity. Together on the front lines, our joint endeavors foster unity.

The minister underscored on Monday that the government remains on high alert. The days ahead pose significant challenges due to hazardous weather conditions. Drought, exceptionally high temperatures, and strong winds have the potential to transform even a small spark into a raging inferno.