Efforts to contain the various wildfires around Greece continued throughout the night, with authorities battling fire fronts in Stamata, Keratea, Ritsona, Distomo, and the island of Zakynthos, among others.

The gale-force winds that wreaked havoc through Greece during the weekend finally subsided as the sun set, making it easier for firefighters to curb the blazes.

Minister of Civil Protection Vassilis Kikilias speaking about the situation on Greek TV Sunday evening, commended everyone involved in the efforts, and listed the 10 fires that broke out in a span of 8 hours, ending his speech with disheartened “I have no comment.”

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis called for a cabinet meeting Monday morning at 11:30, to discuss, among other issues, a proposal by Minister Kikilias regarding the cleaning of plots, prevention measures, and the country’s response to the wildfires.

Stamata Wildfire

As day broke, no active front remained in Stamata. The fire northeast of Athens proper (Attica prefecture) reportedly broke out in undergrowth on a side road at around 4 pm on Sunday and spread rapidly due to the 9 Beaufort winds.

Five emergency 112 alerts were issued to the residents, and evacuations were carried out in several surrounding areas. Houses burnt down, and a 45-year-old man died from cardiac arrest after inhaling smoke while evacuating from his home.

There was a massive mobilization of both ground teams and aircraft throughout the day, while a total of 145 firefighters with 7 ground teams and 42 vehicles continued their efforts as night fell.

Wildfire at Stamata, a Northern suburb of Athens, on June 30, 2024.

Keratea Wildfires

As day broke, scattered hotspots are still present and being dealt with in Keratea, in east Attica.

The fire broke out shortly before noon and emergency alerts kept coming in for residents to evacuate. Even though the Fire Department was able to contain the flames, 138 firefighters with 8 ground teams and 39 vehicles remain at the scene and are operating.


Δασική πυρκαγιά στην Πλάκα Κερατέας , στην Αθήνα , στις 30 Ιουνίου , 2024

Wildfire breaks out on Zakynthos Sunday evening

The Fire Department is still battling the front that erupted at 8:30 pm in a forested area on the island. Winds spread the blaze, while fire fighters had difficulty accessing the area, but fortunately it was reported that no homes were in danger.

As of earlier this morning, the situation was has improved, but remains critical.

1 ground team with 35 firefighters and 10 vehicles are currently at the scene, along with volunteers and civil protectiom authorities, while aerial means are expected to join the effort now that day broke.