Stores are set to launch their winter sales from January 8th to February 29th, 2024. The reopening of shops will commence on the first Sunday of the sales, specifically on January 14th, with proposed operating hours from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

As outlined by the Ministry of Development’s legislation, winter sales typically begin on the second Monday of January and conclude by the end of February.
Regarding store openings, supermarkets diverge from retail practices, particularly during discount periods. They follow distinct schedules, although during festive periods such as Easter, Christmas, and New Year, they operate as usual.

The Hellenic Consumer Union has publicly shared five guidelines to ensure consumers do not fall victim to misleading “deals.”

Consumers are advised to:
Conduct market research, verifying not only the price (both original and new) but also the product quality. Search online for the product’s price using its code or model number to ensure the identified price is the most advantageous.

Define their needs and plan purchases accordingly, aligning them with their personal or family budget to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Stay informed about transaction details and terms, particularly when buying products on installment plans. Specifically, for credit card purchases, being well-informed about the specific terms and conditions of the transaction is essential.

Products should display both the original price and the discounted price, not just the discount percentage.

Pay special attention to clauses stating no returns or exchanges on products, in case of regret. Always request a receipt for purchased items.

Should a defective product necessitate a return or exchange, presenting the receipt is imperative for the process.

These guidelines are crucial for consumers navigating the upcoming sales period to ensure informed and secure purchases.